Lavender Roses - 3 of the best and their meaning

Published: 06th July 2010
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Lavender roses are usually highly fragrant and there are a number of popular roses in this color range. Some that are worth growing for their beautiful form and fragrance are:

Barbara Streisand - a beautifully scented rose which has large flowers, deep green glossy foliage and grows to 135 cm (4 ½ ft). Apparently when Barbara was first asked about a rose bearing her name she was very picky - she was a rose lover herself and wanted it to have the attributes of an attractive color, large flowers and an exceptional fragrance. This rose satisfies all these and more.

Blue Moon - my favourite lavender rose has the most beautiful rich fragrance and large, high centred flowers that are long lasting. It has deep green foliage that lightly covers the rose plant and it grows 135cm (4 ½ ft).

Fragrant Plum - another of the beautifully scented lavender roses. The large rose blooms look like candelabras sitting on the plant. They are high centred, double flowers that last well on the bush or as a cut flower. It's a medium to tall growing rose to 150cm (5ft)

Lavender Rose Meaning

Some folk say that lavender flowers are a sign of love at first sight so if you do fall head over heels with someone straight away, giving them a bunch of lavender roses could be a delightful way to let them know that.

Colours in the purple range, like lavender, also have a spiritual quality to them. The colour purple represents spirituality, mysticism, royalty and inner wisdom and in the same way folk wear amethyst crystals and have them in their environment for healing and to raise the energy of the room, you can pick some of your beautiful lavender roses and have them in your environment for a similar effect.

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